Basic Reformer

This is our entry level class. Focusing on the fundamental movement patterns on the reformer, this is the perfect introduction regardless of strength, fitness or age. It is required that this be your first session if you are new to the reformer and/or the studio.


Open Reformer 

Designed to test your strength, coordination and stability, these classes require a reasonable level of fitness. Incorporating a more complex repertoire and flowing at a slightly quicker pace, this higher intensity class is designed for those who love a challenge.

Sweat Reformer 

Designed for the cardio enthusiast, you can expect 50 minutes of flowing, full body, dynamic movements that are sure to spike your heart rate and get those muscles burning. Not suitable for beginners or clients with injuries requiring modifications. Check with your instructor prior to signing up for this class.


1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and private groups – Private sessions are perfect for those who are after a specifically tailored approach to their reformer experience. Whether this be injury rehabilitation, learning the fundamental movement patterns, getting familiar with the machines, or simply just to get comfortable in your new studio, all options are available by appointment.